Sticker Market is a premium quality custom stickers at the cheapest price in UK.
Experts in sticker printing with endless product labelling possibilities.

The London company put in contact with me to send me they products, a lot of stickers variety.

📝 Sticker Market
Size: – 100x50mm, 35x35mm~60x60mm
Shape: – Square & Rectangle
Type: – Art Paper Stickers (Gloss & Uncoated) – Kraft Paper Stickers – Standard Vinyl Stickers – Bumper Stickers (100x100mm)
Quantity: – 100

I told them that I was interested in trying only the bumper outdoor stickers and the biggest size as possible, 😈 for street-art I need them to withstand the adversities of the street and visibility.

🙏🏼 Also, Sticker Market did me the favor of cutting out the sticker in the shape of the THK icon.

I would like to highlight the professional treatment I had, and the clear way they explain the specifications of the product. Sometimes in others companies the instructions are a little be confusing.

📝 Sticker Market
Please be advised that the size has been adjusted to proportion the design, new size 85x100mm. 
 Also, below are the other adjustments and reminders regarding the artwork.
• Black CMYK changed to rich black (C-20, M-20, Y-0, K-100)
• The trademark is too small, and might not be readable once printed.
• The Curve has been simplified due to cutting restrictions.

The shipping was really fast, the product was very well protected and the quality of stickers are excellent!

Thanks so much to Sticker Market for this goodies! d:)

⚠️ This sticker is included in my first limited sticker pack, ready to BUY HERE

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