WhatsBoxx is an Asian company that creates limited edition art toys, conceptualized by the most visionary artists in the world.

The company contact me to customize the art toy “Super Giro” and design some stickers for the pack.

WhatsBoxx will introduce two sizes, 3 inches (7,62 cm) and 6 inches (15,24 cm) also a special glow and fluorescent edition.

It was a nice experience working for an art toy company. When your illustrations come to a reality is always a pleasure!

I started sketching 2 ways to design my “Super Giro”

I designed the final version and the details in Illustrator.
The company decide the Graffiti option but they like the face on the option 2, I combined both!

WhatsBoxx made a great “Giro Graff” prototype!

Also created a cool environment to promote my “Giro Graff”

The other part of the project it was design a sticker pack of “Giro Graff”, including the character and 5 elements with his flavor.

WhatsBoxx surprised us with this awesome version glow in the dark!

At the end, you can use my illustrations for a streetwear company, to do stickers, to create an identity for your brand, etc. But you have to do one step more, and why not, maybe you can create a custom art toy for promote your brand, for gift to your clients or for a stand in your shop. A lot of possibilities are open!

Contact me if you are interested d:) hello@thehatkid.com

You can buy my “Giro Graff” just click below! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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